Last days to visit the ‘EARTH’S MEMORY’ exhibition at the Forte di Bard


Last days to visit the "EARTH’S MEMORY" exhibition at the Forte di Bard
Last chance to visit the exhibition “EARTH’S MEMORY – Glaciers, Witnesses of the Climate Crisis” at the Forte di Bard...
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“La Scienza Sotto Casa”, a dialogue between Mario Tozzi, Fabiano Ventura and Massimo Frezzotti
At Millepiani Coworking will be held the meeting “Boiling Ice: climate change seen from the coldest places on our planet”
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The new UNESCO study on glacier
A recent UNESCO study, conducted in cooperation with the International...
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The talk with Carlo Barbante, Fabiano Ventura and Chiara Montanari at “Dialoghi per l’ambiente”
For those who were unable to follow the talk last Sunday, 11 September, we would like to share...
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“EARTH’S MEMORY” among the protagonists of the programme Plaisirs de Cultura en Vallèe d’Aoste
On Saturday 24 September 2022 , at 4:00 p.m., at the Forte di Bard, Fabiano Ventura...
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Fabiano Ventura among the guests of the second edition of “Dialogues for the Environment”
On Sunday 11 September, Fabiano Ventura will be among the guests at the second edition...
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“On the Trails of the Glaciers” in the new edition of National Geographic Italy
In the March edition of National Geographic Italia, 8 pages are dedicated...
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Climate change and much more at the first National Geographic Fest. The project “On the trail of the glaciers” could not be missed
The analysis of the effects of climate change, the green revolution and good...
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