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7 december 2023

NEXT GENERATION - A successful climate change education project

The educational project "NEXT GENERATION - The challenges of climate change", aimed at a selection of high schools throughout Italy, has come to a successful conclusion.

The project, organised by the Macromicro association and promoted and financed by the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, travelled across Italy from north to south, involving 10 institutes in 9 provinces.

"I had the chance to talk to the children immediately after the meeting and I saw that they were very satisfied and happy to have taken part in the day," said Professor Raffaella Curci from the Montessori Institute in Rome. "Of course, our commitment continues every day to make the children as aware as possible of the issues that you discussed this morning and that deeply concern us all. We are only at the beginning of a path of reflection that I hope will bring us positive things in the future".

The days were full of exchanges between the children and the teachers of the Macromicro Association. Thanks to the presentation of the photographic and scientific results collected as part of the "On the trail of the glaciers" project, it was possible to explore important climate-related themes such as the relationship between the climate and the human species, the importance of glaciers as a water resource, human responsibility and the impact of global warming on society, the importance of scientific research and dissemination, the relationship between science and photography, and many more.

"The association is pleased with the success of the initiative. We hope that these meetings have been a stimulus for all the school communities involved in the project to deepen the themes discussed in order to raise the awareness of the new generations," said Fabiano Ventura, President of the Macromicro Association.

Below is a gallery with some pictures of these days.