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28 October 2011

Press conference on the second expedition

On Thursday 3 November, at the conference room of the National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology in Rome, the protagonists of the second photographic-scientific mission of the project "On the Trails of the Glaciers" will tell journalists at a press conference about their recently concluded adventure and the scientific and photographic results obtained. also announced the news today, with an article on the subject, accompanied by a photo gallery and the trailer for the documentary.

Participants at the conference include: Claudio Smiraglia, internationally renowned glaciologist, former President of the Italian Glaciological Committee and professor at the State University of Milan; Stefano Urbini, INGV researcher; Riccardo Scotti, researcher at the Department of Geological and Geotechnological Sciences at the University of Milan Bicocca; Fabiano Ventura, President of the Macromicro Association, photographer, mountaineer and creator of the project.

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