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22 July 2009

"On the Trail of the Glaciers": first expedition kicks off

The departure of the first expedition of the photographic-scientific project 'On the Trail of the Glaciers' is set for 24 July 2009. The team will leave from Milan on a direct flight to Islamabad, Pakistan, from where it will begin the long journey to the Baltoro glacier, the main destination of this first mission.

The project aims to revisit some of the most important historical expeditions, including the memorable expedition of the Duke of the Abruzzi in 1909 (the 100th anniversary of which is being commemorated this year), with the aim of taking new photographs that will allow us to observe the changes that have occurred in the Karakorum glacial environment over the last hundred years.

The photographic shots will be taken by Fabiano Ventura, project creator and expedition leader, who, using the most modern digital technologies combined with traditional large-format shooting techniques, will not only be looking for results of scientific and environmental value, but also aesthetically first-rate. Of considerable importance for the issues addressed, these observations will provide the raw material for scientific investigations of a glaciological nature that can improve understanding of the current conditions in which the planet finds itself, on the threshold of climate change on a global scale.

The scientific observations will be overseen by a special scientific committee including two of the world's leading experts in the field of glaciology: Prof. Claudio Smiraglia, former President of the Italian Glaciological Committee, who will be responsible for analysing and interpreting the results obtained during the expedition; and Prof. Kenneth Hewitt, Associate Researcher and founder of the Cold Regions Research Centre at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo (Ontario, Canada), who will follow the team via satellite connection, providing useful indications for the planning and choice of field observations, thanks to his considerable experience acquired in the very regions that will be visited during the expedition. Finally, Dr. Pino D'Aquila, a geologist and mountaineer specialised in geomorphology and GIS land survey, will be present on the Baltoro to carry out direct analysis and data collection.

The expedition team will be constantly followed by a film crew, which will be responsible for the production of a documentary (produced by SD Cinematografica) and films that will be published periodically on the web portal during the activities on the Baltoro glacier.

The expedition benefits from the contribution of major companies in the renewable energy sector, including Enel Green Power and Enneci s.r.l., which, espousing the values of the project, have allowed it to be fully realised.

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