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10 april 2019

Scientific results of the “Himalaya 2018” expedition on the National Geographic

Our team of researchers has processed the scientific results of the expedition carried out last spring in the Himalayas.

It is a 55-page report signed by the leading Italian glaciologists, the result of the elaboration of data collected on field by the geologist Andrea Bollati of the Roma Tre University and the remote sensing work carried out by Professor Claudio Smiraglia and his collaborators of the Milan State University. It describes the big suffering of glaciers at the foot of Everest, Kangchenjunga and Cho Oyu.

At the same time, Fabiano Ventura and his staff completed the restoration work and digital post-production on historical and modern photos for the production of photographic comparisons. A summary of this long scientific-photographic work was published yesterday on the of the Italian National Geographic home page, our media partner, which will soon be published on the paper magazine.