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22 november 2009

Kenneth Hewitt comments on the first results of the expedition

On Monday 16 November, in the splendid setting of the Italian Geographic Society's library, Fabiano Ventura gave a preview presentation to Prof. Kenneth Hewitt of the photographic comparisons made during this summer's expedition to Karakorum, receiving positive comments and important scientific feedback on the work carried out. According to Hewitt, 'It is important that we continue this work on the Karakorum that was started by Italian expeditions 100 years ago. It is the first time that such meticulous and scientific work has been done at the photographic level, which will be fundamental for the future and to update the research carried out so far in those areas that are so difficult to reach'.

The meeting was filmed by the SD Cinematografica troupe that is making the television documentary dedicated to the project "On the Trails of the Glaciers"; we propose below a selection of backstage images.

The gallery

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