17 april 2023

"Glaciers Tell" - conferences between climate science, photography and literature

VEL La Libreria del Viaggiatore is organising, with the technical support of the CAI Sezione Valtellinese, two days of conferences entitled "I ghiacciai raccontano" (Glaciers Tell). The meetings will be held respectively on Friday 28 April at the Civic Museum of Natural History in Morbegno as part of "Museo Tempo Libero" and Saturday 29 April at CAST, the CAstello delle STorie di montagna in Sondrio.

The evening's guests and speakers will be Enrico Camanni, writer and journalist; Riccardo Scotti, researcher and scientific head of the Servizio Glaciologico Lombardo (SGL); and Fabiano Ventura, president of the Macromicro association and landscape photographer.

Fabiano Ventura, through the photographic representation of glaciers, thanks to the power of contemporary images and the comparison with identical shots immortalised by the great masters of the past before the climate crisis, will unequivocally communicate the effects of global warming on ecosystems, proposing an intense reflection on the relationship between the human species and the natural environment. Riccardo Scotti relates the state of health of the glaciers in our Alpine arc with scientific data, through surveys and the installation of ablatometer poles. Enrico Camanni illustrates the history, anthropology and early exploration of Alpine glaciers.

This is the programme for the two days:

  • 28 April - Morbegno Natural History Museum at 20:45
  • 29 April - CAST il CAstello delle STorie di montagna di Sondrio 8:45 p.m.

For the Morbegno and Sondrio Mountain Community appointments, reservations are welcome at the following e-mail addresses:museo@comune.morbegno.so.it – info@cmsondrio.it

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