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12 march 2010

Great success of the photo exhibition

The Macromicro Association is pleased to announce the great success of the photographic exhibition 'On the Trails of the Glaciers: 1909-2009'; in fact, over 1,000 visits were recorded per week and there were many reviews in all the media.

The opening ceremony opened on 24 February at 6.00 p.m. with a series of speeches by institutional personalities, such as the Councillor for Cultural Policies and Communication of the Municipality of Rome, the Deputy Ambassador of the Embassy of Pakistan in Rome, Prof. Smiraglia of the State University of Milan, and Eng. Egidi, Head of Regulatory Affairs of Enel Green Power.

Emphasis was placed on the impact of human behaviour on the climate changes taking place on our planet, dramatically visible especially on glaciers, which are particularly sensitive indicators of these changes. The exhibition aroused the interest of a wide audience of spectators, journalists and mountain lovers and received positive feedback from critics.

By combining not only the aesthetic value of the marvellous photographs on display, but also and above all the environmental value, by visibly documenting the change that has taken place over the last hundred years on the Karakorum glaciers, the author hopes to raise public awareness, through his visual testimony, with regard to such an important issue as climate change, which is catching the attentive eye of large corporations and the media. We would like to remind you of the next appointments with the author, which will take place at the Sala Santa Rita on Friday 12 and 19 March from 5 to 6 p.m.

Below you can view a selection of the most representative publications and reviews on the exhibition and the project in general, and a gallery of images of the installation and the opening ceremony:


Images of the inauguration

Setting up the exhibition

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