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21 October 2010

Great success of the conference

On Friday, 15 October 2010, the conference "1909 - 2009: One hundred years of glaciology and photography in Karakorum. Problems and results of a centuries-old symbiosis", organised by the Macromicro Association in collaboration with the Italian Geographic Society and with the contribution of Enel Green Power. The conference was organised following the first expedition that took place in the summer of 2009 in Karakorum as part of the project "On the Trails of the Glaciers". The speakers illustrated how photography, since its inception, has supported scientific research for the study of glaciers, particularly those of the Karakorum. The audience showed great curiosity towards these topics and attentively followed the interesting exchange of ideas and information between glaciologists (Professors Smiraglia and Hewitt) and industry (Eng. Egidi of Enel Green Power).

The photographic exhibition, displayed during the conference, was of great benefit, not only to the speakers, but also to the audience, who were able to better understand the scientific significance of the expedition and the aims of the entire project through the comparative examination of the images.

Extensive media coverage was given to the event, given the topic - climate change on our planet - of great interest and topicality.

In particular, the following articles were published in national newspapers:

Avvenire – download PDF
Terra – download PDF

Below is a selection of the best articles published on the web:

Images of the conference

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