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14 june 2012

Fabiano Ventura receives an award for environmental awareness

An award to Fabiano Ventura, "as a photographer particularly sensitive, over the course of his long professional commitment, to environmental issues and glaciers in particular", was presented last Friday, 8 June, at an official ceremony held at the Chamber of Deputies.

The "Gianfranco Merli" National Award for the Environment, promoted by the Movimento Azzurro Association, was presented during a conference entitled "Environmental Responsibility towards Rio+20", hosted by the Hon. Gianpaolo D'Andrea, Undersecretary of State.

Together with Fabiano Ventura, numerous personalities from the worlds of politics, culture and information, who have distinguished themselves for their special attention to the environment and environmental culture, were honoured. Among them were: Corrado Clini - Minister for the Environment; Nicola Zingaretti - President of the Province of Rome; Franco Iseppi - President of the Italian Touring Club; Cesare Patrone - Head of the State Forestry Corps; Mario Pirani - Journalist of the 'Repubblica'; Paolo Giuntarelli - President of the Biopark of Rome, and many others.

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